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The story behind B VLOG BLOG is that we always wanted to start a Blog. I created multiple blogs but none of them had an official domain or ever lasted long enough. I did have content up but it was your basic, opinionated posts about things I found were interesting and amusing. Early on in 2017 I decided I wanted to really create a blog, one that isn't like the average lifestyle blogs, but one that would inspire confidence and empower our fellow babes and millennials. Lets Face it , Millennials of today are making waves in more than just the fees must fall movements but through feminism, the holy hustle and the creatives that they are.

I post content ranging from beauty product reviews which I do on behalf of RubyBox and Beauty Bulletin, to controversial topics about misconceptions like -Post Example- mental illness among black people and self acceptance for girls in a world that's constantly dictating the beauty standard for women. My aim is to empower millennial Girl Bosses' with categories like "Black Girls Rock" and "Women empowerment" 👊👊, while still producing other content that girls like and boys too. 💣💣

There are Currently Two Team Members contributing towards B VLOG BLOG:

Nthabiseng Brenda Salemane

I write everything on B VLOG BLOG that isn't in the Natural Hair section.
From event coverage, beauty Product Reviews and the other categories on B Vlog

The Bee Ivy: Lennie Banda

I write all the natural hair posts, as well as natural hair events coverage posts. I'm an ambassador for the BUUYA hair products. Feel free to make use of my 10% coupon code: buuyalennie

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