Name & Surname:       Lennie Banda
D.O.B:                13 October 1998
Nationality:          South African (Originally from Malawi but born in Johannesburg)
Current Location:     Cape Town (for the past 17 or so  years)
Current Education:    University of Cape Town
Course              Physiotherapy (first year)
Favorite color      Purple
Favorite movie      I honestly don’t have one
Instagram:            @thebeeivy


Growing up, my mom used to invest a lot in my hair, she’d brush it every morning before school, style it, relax it once a year and braid it every few months. If it were up to me, at that time, I would’ve cut all my hair, but I held the pain in and as I grew up the pain became less. Mind you, I had thick, long hair, which meant thorough combing, longer time with the relaxer burning my scalp and longer time spent sitting, while getting my braids did.

At the age of nine, I felt as though I was old enough to take care of my own hair. I managed the first few years with my hot comb (which would only keep my hair straight for a few hours) and my go-to range for everything, Dark and Lovely. It was fun while it lasted or in my case, while my hair lasted.

In 2013 My hair slowly began shedding at the back and I got my mom to “trim” it for me, this ended with me almost bald. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of what I started with. I am an extremely lazy natural so, back then, I would wash and blow dry my hair at the salon after removing my protective style, this was me running away from the maintenance. Don’t be like the old me please.

After two years of using excessive heat (you could literary smell my hair burning), I “properly” began my natural hair journey last year when I noticed it wasn’t growing and didn’t look healthy at all. I turned to a friend who had gob-smacking hair; she gave me advice on what to do to revive my hair. So, in this blog, I’ll be sharing the lessons I learned the hard way, experiences and tips and everything else in between.

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